Valentine #5

I’m going to fall in love with your best friend. We’re going to hold each other on Valentine’s Day on a bed drenched in cheap wine. I’m going to say things to her like “You have nothing to worry about. Your friends are liars,” and she’s going to block the doorway and tell me “You’re not breaking up with me.”

One day, she’s going to stand over me, crying, begging me to tell her what to believe, and I’m going to deny every girl I’ve ever been with because there’s only her. I will kiss her misshapen feet and tell her “You you you.”

But first, there’s you during a Star Wars marathon, and you’re using my shoulder as a pillow. And when the movie is over, you say you liked the prequels better because Hayden Christensen. That’s a deal breaker, but I kiss you and your lips stand still like a wall. 

Your best friend has left us alone, waiting in the other room. She’s hoping for good news.


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